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Ever wondered why we have more than 50% unbanked population in the entire ASEAN? That amounts to almost 400 million people that do not have access to even the basics of financial services such as deposits and withdrawals. We saw the potential to provide access to these underserved population, which will see several direct benefits such as:

  • Improved development of the unbanked community
  • Increase in total savings and spending globally
  • Access to Micro Funding and Micro Insurance

What is OOjiBO?

We are a #Fintech (when we started we didn’t even know this word existed) company focused on building and delivering end to end solution to the unbanked and underbanked population in Asean. From technology to offline agency network, OOjiBO has built a complete business model to enable Financial Inclusion.

Why now?

High Penetration of Mobile Phone in the region (over 120%) have enable OOjiBO to build a solution based on mobile technology to deliver the infrastructure to make financial inclusion efficient and affordable.

Who is behind OOjiBO?

OOjiBO is formed by a group of industry veterans in the Banking, Payment and Distribution space. The founders leverage on each other’s strength, experience and relationship to form a formidable execution team to bring financial inclusion to Asean.

Our Implementation in Myanmar


Our Features

We believe our value offerings are the embodiment of our philosophy.

No Infrastructure Cost

By reducing legacy costs required to operate existing offerings, we are able to lower cost to deliver products to the unbanked population.

Access To Agency Network

By working with agents located across cities to the villages, we ensure accessibility to our customers especially those with no access to financial facilities.

API-Driven Platform

With technology at the core of OOjiBO, our platform solution provides end-to-end relationship management between customers, agents & merchants.

360° Security

Our software & hardware security layers enable us to take on a unique Risk-based Security Approach = secure transactions for you, anytime.

Telco Indepedent

Make transactions securely on the go even when you're out of town - OOjiBO supports both data & sms as long as there is coverage by any telco.

Phone Agnostic

No matter what device you have, as long as it is GSM-enabled, OOjiBO will work for you. Yes, even the Nokia 3210 and entire arsenal of feature phones will work.


Company Co-Founders

Our founders have an accumulated experience of over 100 years combined.

Mr. Yeng Fook Hoo was a co-founder of GHL System Berhad, served as the Deputy Group Managing Director from 1997 till 2011, the largest Credit Card outsourcing company in Asia at the time. Prior to joining GHL in 1997, Mr. Yeng has more than 17 years of combined experience in designing and implementation of major Core Banking , Trade Finance and Remittance systems. Mr. Yeng started his career with Pacific Bank Bhd, a subsidiary of Amex Bank, as a junior Officer, then as a Branch Manager at age of 25 years, with final posting as Head of Banking Operation/IT before joining Hong Leong Banking in 1994 as the CIO and Head of Banking Operations. At Hong Leong Bank, Mr. Yeng was responsible for the design and implementation of Windows NT based Bank Teller System, the first in the world and one of the early adopters of Internet Banking.

During his tenure with GHL System Berhad in 1997, he envisioned and created the first Credit Card rental and outsourced merchant acquisition program, a first in Asia. He also created several credit card transaction-processing and payment-related technologies, solutions ranging from payment processing hardwares, Line Encryption methods and e-commerce Payment Gateways , currently being used in several major banks throughout the region. He was designated as the Deputy Group Managing Director when the company was listed on the Malaysian bourse in 2001. He was also responsible for GHL several overseas operations (China, Phillipines, Hong Kong and Thailand) and R & D activities of the Group. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Economics and Mathematics from the University of London, United Kingdom in 1979 and attended management program at Harvard Business School.
William Pu subscribes to the belief that a successful business comes from helping one's clients to grow their business, apart from enriching these relationship through disciplined growth, innovation and seamless execution.

With more than 10 years of experience in the Broadband IT & Communications industry, he was serving as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for an MSC-status technology company in Malaysia since 1998. His vast business experience in the company has led it to be recognized as the leading IP broadband and telecommunications service provider in Malaysia. This also included winning several prestigious awards such as the PIKOM award, ACP ITA-Award and the Deloitte Fast 500 Top companies in Asia Pacific.

He then founded Mobile FPX Sdn Bhd in 2007, a company pioneered in providing innovative mobile banking services using Sim-overlay mobile solution to financial institutions in Asia. In 2010, Bank Islam Malaysia as their first pilot bank to successfully deploy its mobile banking technology to more than 500,000 mobile banking subscribers using Mobile FPX’s Sim-overlay technology till to-date.
Hok Siong has over twenty five years industry experience in the software and services industry. He is driven and has both strong leadership skills and technical background. He has a proven track record of successes to drive growth and lead an organization both as a hands-on manager and at a strategic level.

Prior to this role he was the EVP for Sales, Marketing and Customer Services with Singapore Post. Other firms which he has worked for include Sun Microsystems, Cap Gemini and IBM. Hok Siong is regularly invited to speak at international business and technology conferences. He has implemented solutions for financial institutions, governments and manufacturing companies.

He was volunteer board member and chair of both of the Programmes & Services Committee and IT Committee with AWWA (Asian Women Welfare Association), a Volunteer Welfare Organization (VWO) based in Singapore.

Hok Siong earned his Bachelor of Commerce from National University of Ireland (Galway), holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Cork (Ireland) and a tertiary programme in Harvard Business School.

Mr. Yap Rickson was a former Investment Banker who have signigficant experience in banking and financial matters. Prior to joining OOjiBO, Mr. Yap headed the South East Asia Investment team of a family office based out of Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Yap started his career with Ernst & Young Corporate Finance and Restructuring team in Malaysia which was incharge of Danaharta accounts. Later he moved on to Singapore in treasury and corporate finance of a leading Singapore Bank before eventually joining and heading up the South East Asian Investment team of a family office based in Kuala Lumpur. After exiting the family office Mr. Yap acted as advisor for Takaful Brunei in expanding collaboration in other SEA countries, Kazakhstan and Turkey. During his tenor in the family office, he have successfully acquired and exited 3 business based in Indonesia in the sector of Oil and Gas and financial services. He have also spent significant time in Vietnam establishing contacts and deal flow for the family office. Whilst in Takaful Brunei, Mr. Yap have successfully expanded the cababilities of Takaful Brunei in international collaboration and expanded their treasury functions. Currently, Mr. Yap also acts as an advisor to a fast growing Malaysian outdoor digitl media startup on international expansion and financial matters. Mr. Yap graduated with a dual degree in Accounting and Economics from The University of Queensland and a Masters degree in Finance and Technology from University of New South Wales

Worldwide Partners & Clients

We've built our presence in Myanmar, and now reaching towards Thailand & Indonesia before covering the entire ASEAN region.

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OOjiBO aims to change
100,000,000 lives
by the year 2020

Your assistance will help. Find out how.

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